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Quick Release Steering Wheel: What Is Needed To Install One

Posted: 02-22-2022 - Updated: 02-15-2024

Steering wheel quick release hubs have been around for decades, they are typically equipped with a spring loaded mechanism that releases tension and allow the adapter to separate into two pieces, a male end and a female end.  The earlier days quick release hub adapters feature a spine design that interlock two sets of spines together, that old design is known to have tolerance issues that lead to excessive movement between the male and female end of the quick release.   

One of the manufacturers that specialize in this kind of hub such as NRG has come out with a ball bearing design that is more secure and has less tolerance issues.  

How to Install a Quick Release Steering Wheel

When it comes to putting together a steering wheel setup that involves the quick release hub adapter, often there is a misconception that all you need is the quick release hub adapter and the steering wheel.  That is a false assumption.  The quick release hub adapter is only part of the equation, you will also need a vehicle specific hub adapter to connect to the quick release hub then install the steering wheel on the quick release adapter.  It needs a total of 3 different components to complete the system.  

Steering Wheel


Quick Release Adapter


Steering Wheel Hub

Steering Wheel + Quick Release Adapter + Steering Wheel Hub

Why Choose a Quick Release Steering Wheel

At some point of reading this article, you might wonder why people would want the ability to remove their steering wheel so easily.  The ability to remove the steering wheel in a quick and efficient manner is actually very important in the racing world.

Depending on the driver's height, seating position, steering wheel size, and even the type of seats.  The removal of the steering wheel might be require in some case in order for the driver to leave the vehicle.  This situation is often encountered with racing seats that are not recline able.


Quick Release Adapters

Steering Wheel Hubs

Steering Wheels