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OMIX Performance Parts

Looking to upgrade or modify your vehicle with performance parts from OMIX? At Tunersports.com we carry a great selection of OMIX aftermarket performance parts for your vehicle.

From air filters, air filters - drop in, wheel and tire accessories or wiring connectors we have 1511 parts available, all with free shipping to the Continental US 48 States.

For more information on OMIX, you can visit the official OMIX website.

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OMIX Product Categories:

Air Filters

OMIX Air Filters - Drop In

Batteries, Starting & Charging

OMIX Alternators

OMIX Battery Accessories

Body Armor & Protection

OMIX Frame Sliders

OMIX Skid Plates

Brakes, Rotors & Pads

OMIX Brake Calipers - OE

OMIX Brake Drums

OMIX Brake Hardware

OMIX Brake Pads - Performance

OMIX Brake Rotors - OE


OMIX Bumper Accessories

OMIX Bumpers - Steel


OMIX Coolants

OMIX Cooling Packages

OMIX Fans & Shrouds

OMIX Radiator Hoses

OMIX Radiators

OMIX Water Pumps


OMIX Axles

OMIX Clutch Forks

OMIX Clutch Kits - Single

OMIX Clutch Lines

OMIX Crossmembers

OMIX Differential Housings

OMIX Differential Yokes

OMIX Driveshafts

OMIX Flywheels

OMIX Pressure Plates

OMIX Shifters

OMIX Slave Cylinder

OMIX Spindles

OMIX Transmission Bell Housings

OMIX Transmission Internals

OMIX Transmission Mounts

OMIX U-Joints

Engine Components

OMIX Bearings

OMIX Belts - Timing, Accessory

OMIX Block Heaters

OMIX Camshafts

OMIX Connecting Rod Bushings

OMIX Connecting Rods

OMIX Crankshafts

OMIX Dipsticks

OMIX Distributor Gears

OMIX Drain Plugs


OMIX Engine Mounts

OMIX Gasket Kits

OMIX Hardware - Singles

OMIX Hardware Kits - Other

OMIX Head Gaskets

OMIX Heads

OMIX Oil Pans

OMIX Oil Pumps

OMIX Oil Separators

OMIX Piston Rings

OMIX Pistons - Cast - Single

OMIX Power Steering Pumps

OMIX Pulleys - Crank, Underdrive

OMIX Push Rods

OMIX Rocker Arms

OMIX Timing Chains

OMIX Valve Covers

OMIX Valve Guides

OMIX Valve Springs, Retainers

OMIX Valves

OMIX Wiring Connectors

Exhaust, Mufflers & Tips

OMIX Catalytic Converter Direct Fit

OMIX Catback

OMIX Exhaust Gaskets

OMIX Exhaust Hangers

OMIX Muffler

Exterior Styling

OMIX Antennas

OMIX Bumper Covers - Front

OMIX Doors

OMIX Exterior Trim

OMIX Fenders

OMIX Hood Pins

OMIX Hoods

OMIX Horns

OMIX Other Body Components

OMIX Side Skirts

OMIX Tailgates

OMIX Windows


OMIX Bolts

OMIX Brackets

OMIX Clamps

OMIX Clips

OMIX Fuel Lines

OMIX Hoses

OMIX Oil Line Kits

Fender Flares & Trim

OMIX Fender Flares

Fuel Delivery

OMIX Carburetors

OMIX Fuel Caps

OMIX Fuel Filters

OMIX Fuel Injectors - Single

OMIX Fuel Pumps

OMIX Fuel Systems

OMIX Fuel Tanks

Gauges & Pods

OMIX Gauge Components

OMIX Gauges


OMIX Grilles


OMIX Distributors

OMIX Ignition Coils

OMIX Sensors

OMIX Spark Plugs

OMIX Starters

Interior Accessories

OMIX Dash & Interior Trim

OMIX Pedals

OMIX Shift Boot

OMIX Shift Knobs

OMIX Steering Wheels

OMIX Window Regulators


OMIX Bulbs

OMIX Fog Lights

OMIX Headlights

OMIX Light Accessories and Wiring

OMIX Light Covers and Guards

OMIX Tail Lights

Nerf Bars & Running Boards

OMIX Side Steps

Oils & Oil Filters

OMIX Oil Filters

Programmers & Chips

OMIX Switch Panels

Roof Racks & Truck Racks

OMIX Storage Racks


OMIX Seat Belts & Harnesses

OMIX Seat Brackets & Frames

Soft Tops & Hard Tops

OMIX Hard Top Accessories

OMIX Soft Tops


OMIX Ball Joints

OMIX Bump Stops

OMIX Bushings - Full Vehicle Kits

OMIX Coilover Springs

OMIX Control Arms

OMIX Leaf Springs & Accessories

OMIX Shackle Kits

OMIX Shock & Spring Kits

OMIX Steering Knuckles & Spindles

OMIX Steering Stabilizer

OMIX Sway Bar Endlinks

OMIX Sway Bars

OMIX Tie Rods

Wheel and Tire Accessories

OMIX Lug Nuts

OMIX Wheel Accessories

OMIX Wheel Studs