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How Come No One Ever Pays Attention To 60-0?

Hawk Performance Performance Parts

Posted: 02-23-2022 - Updated: 03-01-2022

It’s year 2022, you decided to get your annual check-up, you are sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room.  You look around and everyone else are on their iPhone with their mask on.  So being the anti-technology person that you are, you decided to be a rebel and read a magazine to show all the others that you are one of a kind, just like the Civic Type-R you own.

You happened to pick up a car and driver from the magazine rack, you see that the new BMW does 0-60 in 3 seconds.  However, you do not own a BMW, if you did you would probably be on the phone like everyone else.  But its that moment when you realized that how come no one ever pays attention to 60-0???  For a long time, most people only feel the need to go fast and not stop fast.  Why not do both?  Your life depends on how fast you can stop.  With that said, you figured there are at least 6 other people in front of you, you decided to go out to the parking lot to check on your brake pads and realize that they have less that Fiddy percent left.  So, what do you?  You go on to and order yourself a set of replacement / upgrade brakes pads, the Hawk Performance 5.0 Street Performance brake pads.  According to Hawk Performance, their High-Performance Street Brake Parts are legendary for increasing stopping power on street-legal vehicles.   The compound that Hawk used on these Street 5.0 pads offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock brake pads.  It can provide you 20 to 40 percent more stopping power. It also has a higher resistance to brake fade than most replacement pads on the market.  The less fade you have, the better pedal feel you will have.  So you order the pads have it installed, after performing a break-in procedure, and a 1000 miles of driving, you decided to go to that BMW meet at your local Starbucks to show off your 60-0 to teach these guys that 60-0 matter.