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Posted: 03-08-2024 - Updated: 03-08-2024

When I get a new or used vehicle, my top priority is upgrading the air intake system. Since I do plenty of driving and tend to drive with a bit of excitement, the air intake filter will likely need to be swapped out or washed in the first 6-8 months to keep the engine breathing smoothly. While some may choose to simply replace the filter every 6-8 months, I find it more cost-effective to give it a good cleaning (assuming you run an oiled filter), Intake like AFE or KNfilter offers a cleaning and re-oiling kit specifically for their filter.   There are usually two options for the oiling container Aerosol or Drip Oil.  Which one should you choose?   We will go over the pros and cons below to help you better understand and decide what’s best for you.

Aerosol Spray:

  • Convenience: Aerosol spray is convenient to use as it can be applied quickly and evenly across the entire surface of the air filter.
  • Uniform Coverage: It provides uniform coverage, ensuring that all areas of the air filter are treated with the oil.
  • Controlled Application: Aerosol spray allows for controlled application, enabling users to regulate the amount of oil being applied to the filter.
  • Potential Overspray: However, there is a risk of overspray, which may lead to oil residue on surrounding engine components if not applied carefully.

Drip Oil:

  • Precision Application: Drip oil offers precise application as it can be applied directly to specific areas of the air filter, targeting areas that require more oil saturation.
  • Less Waste: There is generally less waste with drip oil as it can be applied exactly where needed without excess oil being sprayed into the surrounding environment.
  • Time-Consuming: Applying drip oil can be more time-consuming compared to aerosol spray, especially for larger air filters.
  • Potential Uneven Application: If not applied carefully, drip oil may result in uneven saturation of the air filter, potentially leading to reduced filtration efficiency.
To sum it up, both aerosol spray and drip oil methods have pros and cons. Aerosol spray is easy to use and ensures even coverage, but it can lead to overspray if you are inexperience in spraying with an aerosol. On the other hand, drip oil allows for precise application, but it may take more time and attention to achieve uniform coverage. Ultimately, the preferred method depends on personal preference, filter size, and the specific needs of the vehicle or situation.
For me personally, I look at the filter size.  If it’s a bigger filter, I opt in for the aerosol spray.  But for smaller size filter, I usually just use the drip bottle so I can make sure I cover every inch of that filter.  
AFE Cleaning Kit with Drip Bottle
AFE Cleaning Kit with Aerosol Can


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