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Vorsteiner Performance Parts

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All Vorsteiner Performance Parts Parts:

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 101 Wheel
The original of the Vorsteiner Flow Forged Series has been one of our most successful designs. Its timeless five Y-spoke layout is graceful yet sporty in its nature.Sold Individually
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 102 Wheel
For those who love things straight. The 102 design features a ten straight spoke design with a sharp concavity. Unlike some of our other designs that are curved, the concavity on this wheel slopes from...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 103 Wheel
The curviest of the pack features a five split spoke design with rounded edges throughout. It’s curved Y spokes and rounded concavity allows for one of our deepest concave designs.Sold Individually...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 104 Wheel
The classic 5 spoke is a bold and strong with its simplicity. The concavity, similar to the 102 is a direct shot from the lip to the center bowl. Further creating an infinitely deep profile is in the...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 105 Wheel
The 105 was designed with sport and luxury vehicles as our primary targets. Inspired by aggressive exotic body lines, the 105’s 5-split spoke design is best suited for vehicles similar to these...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 106 Wheel
The 106 was created for those personalities who enjoy simplicity in the fine details. Each spoke window carries a rabbet edge with a slight bevel creating a dynamic and lively design.Sold Individually...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 107 Wheel
The 107’s mesh design is a modern take on the classic mesh often seen in 70’s and 80’s era motorsports scene. Our modern take is an alternating mesh that combines two five-split spoke...
Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 108 Wheel
The 108 is a particularly sharp and pointed design that bridges the gap between our curved designs. This rounded design is ideal for the sharper lines and chiseled chins on specific vehicles, rather...