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Fuel and air. Both are needed for proper combustion and after you have increased the air with more boost, fuel can’t be ignored. PERRIN has now released an easy to install way to keep those upgraded injectors happy! Our fuel rail has a larger center bore than the factory model to prevent injector pulse or lean conditions from lack of adequate fuel reserves behind each injector. And the extra 1/8 NPT fuel port is designed specifically for external fuel pressure regulators, additional fuel injector feed lines, or maybe some nitrous. Installs in minutes using OEM connectors to eliminate leaks, hassle and time wasted with additional assembly.
The Protégés stock fuel rail cannot support upgrades to the fuel system. (IE-injectors, computer, fuel pump.) PERRIN Performance has designed a fuel rail, which includes a 200% larger bore without sacrificing wall thickness. The PERRIN fuel rail will support even the highest flowing fuel injectors to produce maximum horsepower.
For an easy installation, PERRIN designers have incorporated an OEM type quick disconnect to the hard fuel line at the firewall. That means that the PERRIN fuel rail is plug and play. Easy additional horsepower this direct replacement fuel rail installs in minutes.
The PERRIN Performance fuel rails represent a true advancement in boxer engine fuel delivery. The PERRIN Performance fuel rail kit is not just a replacement part. We have completely redesigned and redirected the fuel from the supply lines to the injectors, thus solving all fuel distribution problems insuring even fuel distribution to both banks of cylinders in the boxer engine. As clients continue to expand the HP in their vehicles this need for even fuel delivery is more critical. Failure to address this concern and your expensive motor will quickly require some major attention.
The newest variant of this rail system is both easier to install and safer than ever before. To further prove PERRIN’s distinction as the industry leader in Fuel rail technology for Subaru applications, we now include genuine Goodyear DOT approved fuel lines and PERRIN Pyroshield! This fire retardant sleeve is placed over the fuel hose to protect the fuel lines from being subjected to extreme underhood heat created by high horsepower turbocharged monsters. This lowers the fuel temps, thus improving horsepower and increasing longevity. Available in both black and silver with aluminum PERRIN logo plates to suit any engine bay.
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Perrin Fuel Rails Applications:

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Subaru Impreza
2004-2006 Subaru Impreza STI
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Perrin Fuel Rails PSP-ENG-211BK

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