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Greddy Oil Cooler Kit
 Greddy Oil Cooler Kit
HKS Oil Cooler Kit
 Keep your engine and turbos running cool with the HKS Oil Cooler Kit. Includes everything you need for a complete bolt on installation.
Koyo Oil Coolers
 Koyorad universal fit oil coolers are now available!  For many years in Japan, Koyorad custom oil coolers have proven their effectiveness during competition in D1 Gran Prix and D1 Street Legal...
Mishimoto Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler W/ Electric Fan
This transmission cooler comes with an eight-inch electric fan which is perfect for heavy duty trucks and supercharged or turbocharged applications to ensure transmission temperatures remain low and...
Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit
Enthusiasts who push their high-performance cars to the limit understand the importance of keeping their oil temperatures low to prevent damage, or even seizure of the engine. The Mishimoto Universal...
Mishimoto Universal Oil Cooler Kit
Keep your oil cool with the Mishimoto universal oil cooler.Rows: 10 Core: 11.81" x 5.31" Thickness: 1.97" Braided Hoses: 4ft .75 inch 4ft 9 inch Braided Hose Fittings: 10AN Sandwich Plate...
Mishimoto Universal Transmission Cooler
The Mishimoto Universal Transmission Cooler is used to cool automatic transmissions. Some Mishimoto radiators are only available for Manual transmission applications. By using the transmission cooler...