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Oil Coolers

Koyo Oil Coolers
Koyorad universal fit oil coolers are now available! For many years in Japan, Koyorad custom oil coolers have proven their effectiveness during competition in D1 Gran Prix and D1 Street Legal on our...

Radiator Caps

Koyo Racing Radiator Caps
Can you handle the pressure? The Koyorad hyper Radiator Cap is for intelligent tuners who demand to extract every ounce of cooling efficiency from their performance machines. Koyorad highly recommends...


Koyo Heat Exchangers
Koyo Racing Radiators
Koyorad's new 48mm “HH” Series radiator core features an ultra high fin density to maximize heat transfer. Koyo designs and manufactures each radiator with precision; therefore each one is a direct...

Koyo Engine Components:

Drain Plugs

Koyo Drain Plugs

Koyo Fabrication:

Filler Necks

Koyo Filler Necks


Koyo Coolant Reservoir Adapters

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Koyo HyperCore I/C Cores

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