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Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit SALE

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by Koni
Product Review:

FSD is the abbreviation of Frequency Selective Damping. It is the latest technology of Koni, specifically designed to combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding. This no-compromise shock absorber was launched to the world in 2005. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single perfect shock absorber. Firm for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Comfortable for a smooth ride on uneven road surfaces.

If you are able to change the damping force level in relation to the frequency of the movement of the vehicle, you create the possibility to solve the conflict in terms of comfort and handling ever present in conventional dampers.

The Koni FSD technology does just that! In effect giving you Active Ride Control. The groundbreaking FSD technology has been designed and patented by Koni to end the compromise between comfort and road-holding. This new feature can be used as an integrated part of the hydraulic valving system inside the damper.

Consequently, no additional cables, sensors, or any other electronic devices are needed to operate this system. It operates fully hydraulic and frequency selective and is therefore an economical and effective solution to improving a cars handling. It will give Ride and Handling Engineers a constructive, additional variable in fine-tuning the cars behavior.

The Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kits includes a matched set of Eibach Pro Kit Springs to complement the FSD technology and give your vehicle a lower and more aggressive ride.


  • Excellent ride quality on all road surfaces
  • Available for most newer cars – more coming
  • Pair with Eibach springs for 1”-1.5” lowering
  • Gold metallic finish shocks
  • Dark metallic gray springs in kits
  • Less expensive than electronic systems
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit Applications:

Part Number



Audi Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit
Audi A6
2005-2010 Audi A6 (A6 FWD and Quattro 6Cyl. Incl. Sport Suspension.)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lower car 30mm.

BMW Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit
BMW 3-Series
1999-2005 BMW 3-Series (3 Series - E46 318i/323i/325i/328i/330i (Exc. Coupe/AWD/Touring and factory sport suspension))

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 36mm.

1999-2005 BMW 3-Series (3 Series - E46 all with factory sport suspension excluding AWD and M3)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 36mm.

2006-2011 BMW 3-Series (3 Series - E90 Sedan 325i/328i/330i excl Xi-models)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm on fr & 25mm on re

BMW 5-Series
1997-2003 BMW 5-Series (5 series -E39 Sedan 525i/528i/530i (incl M-Technik/excl. EDC & self leveling system))

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers front 32mm/rear 25mm.

Mazda Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit
Mazda Mazda3
2004-2009 Mazda Mazda3 (3 Sedan and Hatchback/incl Mazda Sport Susp/excl Mazda Speed 3)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers front 36mm/rear 30mm.

Mercedes Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit
Mercedes C-Class
2001-2007 Mercedes C-Class (W203 C230/C240/C320. Exc. Airmatic and 4-Matic (AWD))

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm.

Mercedes E-Class
2002-2007 Mercedes E-Class (W211 E320/E430. Exc. Airmatic and 4-Matic (AWD))

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm.

Volkswagen Koni FSD Spring/Shock Kit
Volkswagen Jetta
2005-2008 Volkswagen Jetta (Jetta V/GLI 4 and 5 Cyl.)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm

Volkswagen Passat
1998-2001 Volkswagen Passat (Passat (FWD) Sedan 4Cyl. 3B2)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm.

UNAVAILABLE - Could be error, part number change, or discontinued.
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2006-2008 Volkswagen Passat (Passat (FWD) Sedan and Wagon4Cyl.)

FSD Eibach Suspension Kit. Lowers car 30mm.


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