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Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers

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Category: Coilovers
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The New Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers feature a wide range of height adjustments without changing the spring compression and sacrificing the shock stroke. Traditional Coilovers requires the movement of the spring perch to determine the ride height, causing a reduction in suspension travel and induce coil spring binding. The bottom shock fork / connector is threaded to allow height adjustments to each drivers need without having to shorten the suspension travel by maintaining the original spring perch location. With this function, each driver can lower the center of gravity to achieve better handling, without sacrificing ride quality.

Blackworks SS Coilovers provide height adjustments, damping force not adjustable suspension on the SS version (for dampning force check out the GT series.). Alloy forged aluminum correspondent with anodized finish brackets, spring seats and upper mounts (Some BWR suspension's DO NOT! come with upper mounts.)

BWR offers a limited 3yr. warranty on all of our coilovers.

For more information on this product you may visit the Blackworks BWR website.

Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers Applications:

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Honda Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers
Honda Civic
1992-1995 Honda Civic
Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers BWSS-HD01
1996-2000 Honda Civic
Honda S2000
2000-2009 Honda S2000
Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers BWSS-HD09

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Blackworks BWR SS Coilovers Reviews

BWR Coilovers by Supaman253 on 07/04/13
i have used these on a95 eg hatch and my currant 95 del sol. a nice ride. considering imma bigger guy. my eg hatch had a LS engine in it and right now the del sol d16. it will have h2b. thanks tunersports for the great deals and prices.

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