Yonaka Performance Parts

Since 2001 Yonaka has been a grassroots performance part manufacturer, specializing mostly in Honda/Acura. Today, they have expanded our product line to meet the needs of Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, GM, and Ford. At Yonaka Motorsports they strive to be a leader in creating, developing, and manufacturing some of the industrys best quality racing performance parts. They promise to provide our customers worldwide with quality products that will allow them to gain the most from their performance car.

For more information on Yonaka products you may visit the Yonaka website.

Yonaka Cooling:


Yonaka Radiator
Yonaka Radiators are all-aluminum and designed to provide up to 250% better cooling than brass core OEM radiators. Aluminum end tanks prevent cracking and warping problems that are common with plastic...

Yonaka Drivetrain:


Yonaka Driveshafts / Axles
Yonaka Motorsports axles and intermediate shafts are designed to make your engine swaps a breeze! Perfect for engine swaps or replacing your stock axles, from OEM equivalents to stage 2 performance. Manufactured...

Clutch Kits

Yonaka OEM Replacement Clutch Kit
Yonaka OEM replacement clutch kits.Kit includes: Pressure Plate Clutch Disc (Friction plate) Throwout beaing (Release bearing)
Yonaka Stage 3 Clutch Kit
Yonaka 6-Puck Sprung Hub Performance Ceramic Clutch Set.Stage 3 Clutch kit Strongest clutch recommended for street car applications Rated to 300ft/lbs torque (approximately 400hp in B series applications...
Yonaka Twin Disc Performance Clutch / Flywheel Kit
 Yonaka Twin Disc Performance Clutch and Flywheel Kit. This kit features multiplate design using a mix of copper ceramic and metallic friction materials. It has a precision machined aluminum cover...

Yonaka Electronics:

OBD Conversion Harnesses

Yonaka Wiring Harness Adaptors
Yonaka Motorsports is proud to introduce our new line of plug and play wiring harness adaptors for Honda ECUs. Our harness adaptors allow the user to convert their factory OBD2A or OBD2B wiring harness...

Yonaka Engine:

Gaskets / Head Gaskets / Seals

Yonaka Engine Gasket Kits
These complete high performance gasket kits are specifically designed for high performance engine rebuilds. All kits include both top and bottom end sets.

Motor Mounts / Inserts

Yonaka Motor Mounts
Yonaka Motorsports carries a wide selection of performance motor mounts for most Honda/Acura applications. Yonaka motor mounts are constructed of solid steel for maximum strength and include durable polyurethane...

Yonaka Exhaust:

Catalytic Converters

Yonaka Catalytic Converters
For the exhaust fabricator, Yonaka Motorsports carries a full line of 100% stainless steel performance resonators and catalytic converters. Our new line of performance catalytic converters are available...

Exhaust Systems

Yonaka Axle Back Exhaust
This Yonaka Motorsports axleback exhaust system is made of fully polished stainless steel, with 2.5" OD mandrel bended piping, and a 4.25" tip. Expect a quiet, clean, deep sound, without that...
Yonaka Catback Exhaust
The Yonaka Catback Exhaust is made with fully polished 304 stainless steel mandrel bended piping. You can expect a quiet, clean, deep hum, without any irritating mid range raspy sound some...


Yonaka 4-1 ITR Header (Type II)
Yonaka Motorsports headers for all B-Series motors featuring 1 5/8" pipes with 2.5" collector flange. This is an aftermarket header, designed from the JDM 1998+ Integra Type R B18C engine. With...


Yonaka Resonators
For the exhaust fabricator, Yonaka Motorsports carries a full line of 100% stainless steel performance resonators and catalytic converters. Resonators are available in 2.25”, 2.5” and 3&rdquo...

Yonaka Forced Induction:


Yonaka Intercoolers
Yonaka intercoolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of virtually any forced induction application. All Yonaka intercoolers feature cutting edge bar and plate cores and cast aluminum...

Yonaka Suspension:


Yonaka Drag/Race Coilover Kit
Yonaka Drag/Race coilovers are a modified version of our popular coilovers with significantly stiffer springs and a heavy duty dampener.**** THESE COILOVERS ARE DESIGNED FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY ****These...
Yonaka Spec I Coilovers
Yonaka Motorsports Street Coilovers are ideal for street cars and weekend track days.Featuring: All Aluminum Upper Mounts 0-4" Height adjustment. Fully Threaded Mono Tube Shock Absorber...
Yonaka Spec II Coilovers
Yonaka Motorsports is proud to introduce our all new SPEC II (TC2) coilover set with 36 way fully adjustable dampening and pillow ball bushing. Designed with the advanced street driver or track day in...

Yonaka Wheels & Tires:

Lug Nuts / Wheel Studs

Yonaka Tuner Lug Nuts
Yonaka tuner lug nuts are 50mm open ended lugs which are forged from high grade aluminum for strength and light weight. They are then hardened and anodized for an attractive finish. All Yonaka tuner lug...