Yonaka YMCB-WRX0814 Catback Exhaust

Yonaka Catback Exhaust (YMCB-WRX0814) for a 2008-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan. Fully polished 304 stainless steel with 3 inch OD mandrel bent piping and a 5 inch tip.

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Yonaka Catback Exhaust
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Yonaka 3 Yonaka 3" Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System for 2008-2014 Subaru WRX (Sedan)
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NOTES: Fully polished 304 stainless steel with 3 inch OD mandrel bent piping and a 5 inch tip.
2008 - 2014SubaruImprezaWRXSedan See Notes Above

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The Yonaka Catback Exhaust is made with fully polished 304 stainless steel mandrel bended piping. You can expect a quiet, clean, deep hum, without any irritating mid range raspy sound some other catback exhausts produce. 

The Yonaka Catback Exhaust is a direct bolt-on and includes all installation hardware.

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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm www.p65warnings.ca.gov
5 Star Rating Yonaka Catback by 97 integra LS
The shipping took a little longer then I expected ... Just installed the catback and I got to say WOW the sound is so good it was worth the wait and money NOT raspy or RICEY at all it gives it a nice deep hum sound and comes in a big box wrapped really good to protect it such a good catckback highly recommend it to anyone especially if your on a budget.

5 Star Rating 1997 Prelude by Matthew D
Bought this to replace my rusted out stock exhaust. It has exactly the sound I was going for. Smooth deep tone and not overly loud just as described. It bolted right up no problem and the fitment out the back bumper is great as well. Have only had it on for a few days, hoping it holds up. So far I love it.

5 Star Rating 1999 Acura Integra GS 3 door by Sean Murphy
After my stock exhaust rusted through I had to bite the bullet and buy a new system. I didn't want something loud or tacky looking so a friend recommended this system. I've had Yonaka's system on my Teg for about a year now and it is perfect! Stainless steel so it shouldn't rust, a little bit louder than the stock exhaust, but it's a deep note, and it bolted on to the stock cat with no problems. The exhaust tip is a bit large, but it fits the car fine. Definitely a good deal, no need to spend a ton of money on an exotic system when this is just perfect. To replace one stock b-pipe costs the same as this entire catback system, it's a know-brainer if you need to replace your exhaust. Definitely going to stick with Yonaka if I need to replace any more parts.

5 Star Rating 1994 Integra exhaust by Jordan Q.
I had an exhaust leak for a whole year and didn't bother to change the system but ever since I bought these, my car has been running very quiet! My order also came in the very next day after I placed my order which I am very pleased by because the company doesnt mess around. Overall great exhaust and I'm loving it! Thanks again tunersports and yonaka!!!

3 Star Rating 91 civic hb exhaust by Allen
Bought this exhaust 2 weeks ago and it sounds great....but....for some reason it(resonator) sits lower than my bs ebay exhaust. I scrape on the smallest bumps , even on freeway. I can't even pull in my drive without scraping. Is there any remedy for this.

2 Star Rating 2000 civic ex by Scott
If I had written this review at time of purchase this cat back system would have gotten 5 stars.... 1 1/2 years later the baffles inside the muffler have gone to hell, the sound has gone from mellow to headache producing resonance. The 304 stainless they are using is not as advertised either - 304 will not rust as has happened to the pipes on mine. My dad was a welder and we had stainless items all around the house that never rusted or even got stained. Should have spent the extra $ and gotten a quality cat back like a borla.

1 Star Rating 1995 ex civic by Justin
got about 6 months ago fit was horrible fit mid pipe was banging on exhaust channel had to install a spacer to make it stop, now i just noticed the other day my resonator is coming loose on the inside a making a terrible rattle this is the very reason i replaced my last exhaust not impressed at all i want to say something but i feel nothing will be done. p.s. my car is not low at all but the resonator hangs way lower than my car not pleased at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Star Rating 1998 Honda Civic EX by Chris
Was delivered with a miss made S Pipe.When installed it would bang against the undercarraige.I contacted Tunersports and they contacted Yonaka and after several e mails and sending in photos they sent me a new S Pipe and it fixed the issue.Tunersports cutomer service is great I highly recommend.Fantastic exhaust for the money.Do not use the hanger before the curve for rear axle and it will not rub the rear bumper for those of you with this issue. Sounds fantastic and I did notice a HP gain.Will rust but is still well worth the money and will give you a lot of years :)

2 Star Rating midpipe fitment issue hit gas tank by BrentH
Bought the exhaust for my 90k mile stock oem 91 Civic Si hatch. Stock engine, stock header, stock suspension 100% stock. I took off the factory stock rusted mid and miffler for this. As they sent the exhaust straight from Warehouse, arrived and installed. The midpipe is not exactly bent right for a perfect fitment. I had to contact Tunersports and they contacted Yonaka, and I even provided picts but no help, said they made many without problem On my midpipe, either the flanges are welded at a slightly off angle, or the pipe is not bent in the correct spot it Hit the gas tank pretty hard. After driving around with a garage spring pulling it over to keep from hitting the tank, I monkeyed around with it, and had to take a 3/8 thick flange and bevel cut it and install where the muffler meets the midpipe. This centered the outlet in the bumper and got it away from the gas tank, but it is still very close to the tank when it is heated up to temp/expands. Also noticed some rust ( on stainless?) on the bottom of the piping, and the muffler bracket, as well as the welds. After only 3 weeks of use. Now, I see someone else review stating the same about the midpipe. Something is def wrong in the fitment the way they send it. Sounds good though. Need to re-address the quality of fitment, I sent them pics of the midpipe next to a stock midpipe, and that is why it hits the gas tank. dissappointed, that should be a safety issue and could eventually rub a hole in the tank and fire.

5 Star Rating 1999 acura integra Ls by Josh
dope exhaust.quite when cruisning and loud when flooring it. got dc sports headers and aem intake with it and its clean as a MF! anyways i thought im let you guys know haha

5 Star Rating Superb by CJ
I recently purchased this exhaust for my 00 civic hatch. I switched from a generic N1 type to this after the fart can got old. and it was an amazing fit. It sounds amazing and I couldn't be happier with this product.

5 Star Rating 99 civic ej6 by Jlpz88
Very quick shipping! Pleased with the yonaka exhaust quiet when it needs to be and a good sound when it goes thumbs up!

5 Star Rating 00 si by em1
After installing them today it truly sounds like a stock exhaust. Only thing is the tip is a little to big for my liking. Pictures make the tip look smaller than what it really is but i can live with it. Fitment was actually very good and everything lined up great. Only problem I had was installing my skunk2 header with the stock cat and yonaka exhaust system but thats really a problem with the header/cat, not with the exhaust itself. Very pleased with it so far. Lets see how long it holds up!! I am now a loyal fan/customer of tunersports.

3 Star Rating 00 civic si by lees29
Received the product straight from the yonaka manufacturer warehouse. The packaging was pretty beat up when it got to my house. There were many holes and rips in the box which lead to missing nuts/bolts. I only had 1 bolt and nut and 3 gaskets. However it was not tunersports fault for the packaging and tunersports has awesome customer service.The midpipe with the resonator is welded on cricked and the flanges seemed to be welded on a little off. From all the good reviews hopefully this exhaust will turn out good when I install it. I guess you get what you pay for.

3 Star Rating 99 integra by cj
I've had this exhaust for about 9 months now and it sounds great and I recomended it to everyone, but I just recently started hearing an exhaust leak, so I crawled under the car today and the resonator has split and most of the piping is rusting.

5 Star Rating 2000 Integra LS 4 Door by Hoang
Actually ordered the YMCB001 which is for a civic since yonaka doesn't actually make one for integer sedans but it fit perfectly nontheless. Shipping was extremely fast and the exhaust has an awesome tone to it when just cruising as well as an awesome roar when you get on it. Overall great buying experience.

5 Star Rating 98 civic cx by Erick
This system is well worth the money! Best value in an exhaust hands down.

5 Star Rating 2000 Integra LS by Morgan
This exhaust is awesome! Shipping was the best, packaging was execellent, and mounting was one of the easiest exhausts ive ever put on a car. Took maybe 45mins to an hour tops to take the old one off and put this one on. The sound is just too cool. Very deep low tone. Even when you get on it theres no high pitch weed eater sound to it. Love it.

5 Star Rating Great exhaust! by Rick
just bolted up this exhaust and it fits perfectly...not to mention I have a DB8...

5 Star Rating 2000 EJ8 (EX Coupe) by Jon
This exhaust sounds amazing! Has a nice deep tone in the lower rpm range. Had to wait about a month and a half to get it but it was well worth the wait. For the price of the exhaust the fitment, quality, and sound is outstanding! Good job Yonaka for an excellent product at an affordable price! Also a thanks to Justin at Tunersports for giving me excellent customer service!

3 Star Rating 1994 Integra LS by Anthony
Got the exhaust about 9 months ago. Found out today that one of the hangar welds broke off, and a gasket failed, leaving a exhaust leak. The muffler hangs pretty low. Other than that, really great sound and fitment for the price.

5 Star Rating 01 GSR by JP
Great exhaust! Perfect fit and looks great! I thought it would be quirter but its okay! The cabin noise is a lil on the deep hmmm side! Overall im completely satified and i recomend it to anyone looking for a bargain!

5 Star Rating 96 Acura Integra Se Catback Exhaust by Roger
Sounds really good the only problem that i had is that fedex deliverd the box with a big hole on it and it came with a dent on the resonador

5 Star Rating awesome product by 92 jdm d15b turbo
Looking to get rid of my N1 style exhaust and was very pleased with this exhaust. There was ZERO buzz and fit 100% with no rattles, will be getting this for my 97 as i have sold my hatch.

5 Star Rating 1998 Acura Integra LS by Matthew
Bought this way back in 2011, but forgot to write a review, but at least I've had some time with it, and I'd say I have not become bored with this exhaust system. From what it seems, there is pretty good flow. The sound is nice and subdued when cruising around. I even had a comment from an auto repair guy that he never heard me pull up to his garage. However, if you want the sporty sound, all you have to do is step on it. It gives a nice low rumble. The in cab noise for expressway driving is comfortable and not overbearing. You cannot go wrong with this exhaust!

5 Star Rating acura integra ls by john
Fast shipping,but had alittle dents during shipping process i guess. Exaust sounds deep and low,doesn't sound like a ricer at all. Surprise how it sounds and looks. Great item,highly recommended.Never knew how cheap I have to pay for this,only $ 239.00 with shipping.

5 Star Rating acura integra 1994 rs by Peter
It's a great looking exaust and love the way it sounds. Very deep and is not loud at all. Very highly recommended also this exaust does NOT sound RICEY at all.

5 Star Rating 97 integra by 97dc4teg
great customer service, showed up just a few days after ordering and bolted up very easy. Had on for a few days now and it's got broken-in and sounds great. Really a nice system.

5 Star Rating nice by urey
Bolted right up and looks good and sounds great. Enjoy not sounding like a typical tuner.

4 Star Rating 01 integra ls by Jared
Fast emails and notifications from Club I. The exhaust is welded by hand which I can appreciate, coming from a company that does the same thing. The bends on the exhaust weren't too bad, It showed up with no damage/scratches. Direct fit on my car. The only issue I have is with rubbing on the bumped. IT has rubbed my paint off, but it only rattles in super low RPMS. BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST for an integra hands down.

5 Star Rating Installation onto 96 GSR by Ryan96gsr
I Recently installed one of these on my 96 Integra GSR. I had to add a 4 1/2" extention to the B-pipe to fit my stock GSR header/cat. I am very pleased with this system, bolts up perfectly to all of the factory hangers. The sound quality is very surprising for a 250-350 dollar exhaust[depending on where you buy] It has a quiet, deep tone, that isnt raspy.

5 Star Rating Yonaka exhaust by 98 civic ex
I recommend this exhaust to anyone sounds good not ricey at all it's actually quiet looks good. It all bolts in perfectly and is easy to install hardest part is getting the old rusted bolts off. My car is slammed and it does not scrape it hangs pretty close to the car. Great price for this exhaust

5 Star Rating 96 b20 by JDMchristian991
Ordered 4 days ago,recieved and installed today.Wrapping and boxing was very good,welds look thick and well done,gaskets seem to be quality. Install went smoothly,took less then an hour.The sound/look/fitment is what i'd expect from a $500+ exhaust. Thumbs up for yonaka.

5 Star Rating Great Exhaust quiet deep 2000 si by Stealthsi
i Received my exhaust on may 1st after there was a back order on it. an extra week didn't kill me. on may 2nd i proceeded to install the exhuast onto my 2000 Honda Civic si. i previously had stock exhaust with a canister (yucky). the only only problem i ran into was getting the old bolts off of the catalytic converter from the exhaust. i have lightning speed headers which is pretty much edelbrock and the combination sounds like sex in a buck. (which is godly) but all for all this exhaust is worth your money i recommend it 1000% if you want a nice deep quiet exhaust that adds a couple pony's instead of that ricer sounding like a herd of bumble bees passed you. its a bag for your buck.

4 Star Rating Great deep sound easy install but drones by Brent
This catback exhaust system was easy to install came with everything you need and looks and sounds great. But a little warning if you installed different headers and a performance catalytic converter, the exhaust will drone at 1800-2000 rpm.

5 Star Rating 2000 EJ8 by Adam
I had exhaust going bad very fast. I have been researching a ton of different companies that offer exhaust, countless youtube videos as well. I kept coming back to the Yonaka. If any, my only issue was that it drop shipped coming from Canada so it required a signature. Took a couple days to pick it up. very easy installation, great sound that doesn't piss off my elderly neighbors! All in all I couldn't be happier

5 Star Rating Honda civic ex coupe by Chad
Shipping was fast, love the exhaust. My old rusty muffler fell out while i was driving. im a broke guy so i decided to find something affordable. So i went to autozone found some prices on some mufflers that costs about $106, and a full mid pipe for $126 that is not Stainless, and will cost about $240 total with tax. Then i decided to go online and found this exhaust on this website with free shipping cheapest i can find even better than ebay. drove in my loud nasty rusty broken muffler pipe for a few days. the exhaust was delivered and i installed it. hoping that it would sound nice. I was very satisfied with this exhaust after the installation. it saved me money and its stainless that will last me a long time. also it has a nice deep sound to it. doesnt annoy my neighbors in the morning. My buddies came over and realized a 4 inch exhaust tip on my car. showed it to them and they also liked it. it sounds alot like it could be a $500 exhaust system. the cool thing is that its quiet until you really push on the throttle, and still it doesnt give an ugly raspy ricer sound to it like a fart can.

1 Star Rating 1998 Integra GSR 2 door by Ken
Great exhaust for the price. Great customer service.

5 Star Rating 1995 acura integra by cameron
At first i was worried about how low i am and if it would scrape but this thing sits perfectly! I have no complaints about how it sounds,low and deep.The only problem with installation is i had to help the muffler shop guys get it over the axle because it bends funky at that part but with some skillful turning it should be fine. Great buy if your on a budget

5 Star Rating 2000 civic si by 00siboy
Good packaging, every piece was individually wrapped and nothing damaged. The pieces fit perfect with a more straight thru design than stock exhaust. Nice muffler style doesn't look or sound ricey. Good deep tone at all rpms, and once I hit vtec the exhaust really opens up and sounds alot louder. It is a good choice for any dd that someone doesn't want to be annoying loud at low rpms.

3 Star Rating 1996 civic cx by shane
not too impressed with the construction of this exhaust the mid pipe was not straight it was angled. the description confuses me my car is a us civic and the pipe needs to be shortened for a cat. now that being said I have not installed due to the mid pipe needing to be shortened. but it looks decent. will write another review once the exhaust is installed.

5 Star Rating 1995 Acura Integra by Joaquin
First let me say that customer service was top notch, I wrote to them and 9:00pm and had an answer by 9:40pm the same night. This car is my first car and by no means did I want that label as a ricer. This exhaust doesn't sound raspy at all. Very low and deep sound, everybody I showed it to loves it. It's something that you can put on your car and still start and 5:30am and not upset all of your neighbors. Intsall was a dream, that's after I had to grind off my sixteen year old rusted catalytic converter bolts. It lined up perfect with all of the hangers. It came with all the bolts and gaskets which by the way were very good quality. It arrived to me with no dents and not a fingerprint on it at all.

5 Star Rating 1992 civic ex coupe by civicex95
I love this exhaust. Shipping was fast. Installation couldn't have been any easier. It has a nice deep sound to it and looks great. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for an exhaust.

5 Star Rating 1992 Civic HB catback exhaust by Thomas
I received the exhaust today and when I opened the box every piece was wrapped in plastic and separated by cardboard. The resonator had one small dent but it was nothing that would affect anything so I went right to installing it. Installation was really easy once you remove your stock exhaust which is where I ran into trouble. The three nuts on the catalytic converter were totally frozen and after about an hour and a half of working on them with no luck at all I took the pipe to a local repair shop and they were able to cut the nuts off and punch the welded in studs off the cat. The sound is nice and deep similar to a WRX. No tin can lawn mower sound at all. Once at cruising speed the system is really quiet except for a nice deep hum.

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