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Throttle Bodies

Blox Racing Throttle Bodies
BLOX Racing currently offers big bore throttle bodies for Honda and Acura B, D, H, certain F-series engines and K-series engines. BLOX Racing’s line of billet throttle bodies are precision...
Grams Performance Throttle Bodies
 Grams Performance Throttle Bodies
Skunk2 Alpha Throttle Body
Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Alpha Throttle Body for Honda's B-series engines (also compatible with D-, F-, and H-series) in its exclusive, fine shot-blasted surface finish. Skunk2’s Alpha...
Skunk2 Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body
Skunk2’s unique electronic drive system—the first of its kind—is paired with the finest throttle body technology in the industry. Like all Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle Bodies, its new...
Skunk2 Pro-Series Throttle Body
The Skunk2 Racing Pro-Series Billet Throttle Body increases horsepower and torque by optimizing airflow to your engine. On forced induction applications, this quick bolt-on has shown gains of 50+HP....
Volant Vortice Throttle-Body Spacers
Vortice throttle-body spacers are designed to provide additional performance with your factory or Volant’s Cool Air Intake system. Manufactured from glass-filled Nylon composite, the Vortice spacers...