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Red Line CV-2 Grease

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Category: Fluids
Product Review:

Red Line CV-2 Grease is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures which occur in high-performance wheel bearings and CV-joints. The excellent high-temperature stability, extreme- pressure protection, and water resistance enables it to out-perform even the best conventional or synthetic greases. Red Line CV-2 Grease can be used in a wide range of applications at temperatures ranging between -100°F to 500°F and provides good oxidation and corrosion resistance, low evaporation and oil separation, and has a minimum effect on rubber seals. Possesses a very high melting point, excellent water washout resistance and superior antiwear which makes it excellent for high temperatures and extreme loads. CV-2 contains an organic moly and is for wheel bearings, high angle and conventional CVjoints, chassis lubrication and high temperature, high speed industrial equipment. The exceptional extreme- pressure performance and the fluidity of the synthetic oil allows increases in bearing life of 200% to 800%. Red Line CV-2 Grease will retain its consistency and extreme-pressure performance under high- temperature and high-shear conditions for extended periods, which extends the performance ranges of the lubricated components. Red Line CV-2 will darken after high-temperature use; this darkening will not detrimentally effect the performance of the grease. Although Red Line CV-2 is compatible with small amounts of many petroleum-based greases, it is always good lubrication practice to thoroughly clean out the old grease to eliminate abrasive particles and to minimize the possibility of grease incompatibility.

For more information on this product you may visit the Red Line Oil website.

Red Line CV-2 Grease Applications:

Part Number



Universal Red Line CV-2 Grease
Universal (May not fit all vehicles or require modification)
CV-2 Grease with Moly - 14oz Jar
Universal (May not fit all vehicles or require modification)
CV-2 Grease with Moly - 14oz Tube

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