Progress Technology Performance Parts

Established in 1995, The PROGRESS Group Inc. has evolved from modest beginnings as a distributor of suspension components to the manufacturer of the nationally recognized PROGRESS Technology line of performance handling components. After ten years of continuous development, The PROGRESS Technology line of suspension components has become a premier program for tuning todays popular automobiles. Our long-term commitment to superior products and unparalleled customer satsfaction are fundamental to our business today. Advancing the Art is the slogan adopted by the founders of the company in their quest of becoming the leaders in todays highly competitive suspension aftermarket.

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Progress Technology Suspension:

Alignment / Camber Kits

Progress Technology Alignment Kits
Progress Alignment components have been developed to meet the needs of today’s performance enthusiasts with lowered vehicles.Offered in a number of configurations including: Offset Cam Bolts...


Progress Technology Series 2 Coilovers
The Series II kits are a sleeve-over design and they use a sealed shock. The shocks are not re-buildable and we can't fine tune the dampening levels like we can with Series I. The Series II shocks are...
Progress Technology Series I Coilovers
Competition Series I kits are steel-bodied shocks that are fully re-buildable. All components of the Series I kits are manufacturing in the US and they are re-built right here at our Anaheim facility....

Lowering Springs

Progress Technology Sport Springs
Sport lowering springs will significantly improve appearance and handling capability. Increased spring rates improve handling by lowering the center of gravity and reducing body roll, and the progressive...

Sway Bars

Progress Technology Anti-Roll Bars
Progress Technology anti-roll bars dramatically improve handling by minimizing traction robbing "body roll" that rolls part of the outside of your tires off the pavement. These sway bars replace...