PERRIN Performance Parts

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PERRIN Brakes:

Brake Master Cylinder Bracket

Perrin Master Cylinder STIFFI Bracket
Firm and unforgiving, the PERRIN Performance Master Cylinder Support quickly solves a long-time Subaru braking issue: flexing of the master cylinder with hard braking. Crafted from 6061 aluminum, our...

PERRIN Cooling:

Radiator Coolant Reservoir Tank

Perrin Coolant Overflow Tank
 Perrin Coolant Overflow Tank

Radiator Fans / Shrouds

Perrin Radiator Shroud
Let your radiator look hot while getting cool. The PERRIN Performance Radiator Shroud caps the top of the radiator for a sleek new look and forces all available airflow through the core. This lowers operating...

PERRIN Drivetrain:

Short Shifters

Perrin Short Shifter
Thanks to the PERRIN Performance Short Shifters, no matter what your shifting preference, you can find a performance feel with every flick of the knob. Shorten things up to lower your ET, or move the...

PERRIN Electronics:


Perrin Dual Gauge Pod Kit
No one wants to suffer from a lack of information. PERRIN designers understand that knowledge is power and have developed an ingenuous way to simply and cleanly add two 52mm or 60mm gauges to the steering...

PERRIN Engine:

Engine Accessories

Perrin Battery Tie-Down
 Perrin Battery Tie-Down
Perrin Oil Cap
The PERRIN Aluminum oil cap is the perfect way to complete your engine bay. The simple design of our Oil Cap is the finishing touch to your engine bay leaving a clean and tasteful look. Fitting all...
Perrin Pulley Cover
The PERRIN Performance pulley cover is constructed of 5052 Plate aluminum with precision drilled mounting holes and additional pre-marked indents for those who want to reuse your drive by cable support...

Motor Mounts / Inserts

Perrin Pitch Stop Mount
Reduce drivetrain shudder under hard acceleration by installing a PERRIN Pitch Stop mount. The factory pitch stop mount is designed to control the pitching of the engine and transmission under light to...


Perrin Lightened Crank Pulley
Weight reduction is key to making the best use of any available HP and torque. In no place on our vehicle is this more important than the rotating mass found in the engine. The PERRIN PerformanceTM Crank...

PERRIN Exhaust:

Down Pipes / Mid Pipes / Up Pipes / Test Pipes

Perrin Up Pipe
PERRIN has been known since inception for the quality of their up-pipe. After all it was the first part PERRIN ever released and has been a leader in this market ever since. PERRIN has always used the...

Exhaust Bushings

Perrin Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers
Why do you need exhaust hangers?When new, OEM rubber exhaust hangers are fine for the stock exhaust system. But they simply don’t hold up or perform well in performance applications. Over time rubber...

Exhaust Systems

Perrin Exhaust System
The PERRIN cat-back system promises maximum exhaust flow, increased horsepower and a smooth tone. PERIN Exhausts won’t drone or make an obnoxious blat noise under hard acceleration. Mates perfectly...

PERRIN Exterior:


Perrin Shorty Antennas
Simply put the factory antenna on the EVO is way too long and unattractive. Eliminate the radio controlled car look with a shorty mast from PERRIN!. Available in either 2” or 4” sizes, these...


Perrin Wing Stiffi
Add the PERRIN Performance STi Wing Stiffi to your ride and eradicate that wing from bouncing forever. Our Wing Stiffi fits perfectly between the upper and lower wing to create a support for the center...

PERRIN Forced Induction:


Perrin Intercooler Kits
 The process of compressing incoming air to create boost and power also has a nasty byproduct of heat. Heated air lacks the density to make higher horsepower, increases detonation and forces the...

Turbo Accessories

Perrin Induction and Intercooler Couplers
INTERCOOLER HOSESTurbulent free airflow is the key to added performance and horsepower. PERRIN Performance Boost Tubes offers a smooth and consistent path for air to travel.All application are vehicle...
Perrin Turbo Heat Shield/Blanket
Turbo Heat ShieldDon’t leave your turbo uncovered! Protect your intercooler from radiant heat from your turbo! DESIGNThe PERRIN turbo heat shield is CNC formed from 304 stainless steel. The...

PERRIN Intake:

Air Filters

Perrin Drop-In Air Filters
Don’t let a flimsy paper filter get between you and true performance. The PERRIN Performance™ dual stage, “Open Cell” foam, drop-in Panel Filter is the answer. Increases in horsepower...

Air Intakes

Perrin Intake System
The PERRIN Performance Intake System is designed specifically for each vehicle with mass airflow (MAF) sensor adapters sized and positioned perfectly to allow properly metered air to enter your engine...

PERRIN Suspension:


Perrin Stout Mounts
Any rear bar should be purchased with the added benefits of the PERRIN Stout-Mount system. This is another factory flaw. The Stout Mounts are a connection between the unibody and the rear sway bar. Some...
Perrin Urethane Bushings
PSRS BUSHING UPGRADEFor those wanting something in between the rock solid connection, and the super soft OEM Bushings, the Urethane Bushing upgrade is a great alternative. These are simple replacements...

Strut Bars

Perrin Strut Tower Braces
The most expensive suspension upgrades can lose much of their potential if forced to rely solely on the uni-body to help deflect cornering forces. Long found by OEMs in convertible models to help brace...

Suspension Arms

Perrin Endlinks
Any upgrade to the sway bars are nearly lost if you chose to reuse the OEM unit endlinks. This connection between the sway bar and the control arm is crucial to proper operation. PERRIN replaces any and...
Perrin Positive Steering Response System (PSRS)
Get the most from steering input with the addition of the PERRIN PSRS system. PERRIN’s system increases steering response in corners by adding additional caster angle, straight line performance...

Sway Bars

Perrin Swaybars
The only way to make your car turn, stop or go is if the entire available tire patch is hitting the surface at hand. The factory included what many regard to be a whimsical attempt to increase cornering...