NRG Innovations Performance Parts

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NRG Innovations Engine:

Engine Torque Damper

NRG Engine Damper
Usually mounted to the engine or mount to a rigid part of the chassis such as strut tower, the NRG Engine Damper stabilizes engine movement under load. Increases engine responsiveness by reducing power...

NRG Innovations Exterior:

Hood Dampers

NRG Hood Damper
Often times, injury while working on a vehicle is caused by the hood falling on an individual. The NRG Hood Damper is offered for that purpose as well as a way to exhibit your under hood modifications...

Tow Hooks

NRG Tow Hooks
 NRG Tow Hooks

NRG Innovations Interior:

Racing Seats

NRG Innovations Racing Seats
 NRG Innovations Racing Seats are your best choice for that full race feel inside the cockpit. These seats are designed with the best of comfort and style. These seats improve the look and performance...

Seat Brackets

NRG Innovations Seat Accessories
 NRG Innovations Seat Accessories. See part number notes and picture for product description.
NRG Innovations Seat Brackets
NRG Innovations aftermarket seat brackets  are made with steel in either black or brush aluminum finish. Each bracket is car specific due to each flooring on the car is different. These brackets...

Shift Knobs

NRG Shift Knobs
 NRG Innovations shift knobs improve the overall look of the interior of the vehicle while providing some performance gain. Different shapes of the knob are ergonomically correct depending on...

Steering Wheel Hub / Quick Release

NRG Gen 1.0 Quick Release Kit
This product is designed for race and street application. By allowing the user to remove and replace aftermarket steering wheels from the attached hub quickly, this product can deter theft, allow quick...
NRG Gen 2.0 Quick Release Kit
NRG Innovations has developed the Next Racing Generation in quick release the NRG Quick Release Kit – Gen 2.0. These new units feature many options that conventional Ball-Lock quick release systems...
NRG Gen 2.5 Quick Release Kit
The NRG Gen 2.5 Quick Release Kit is another upgrade utilizing all the features of the Second Generation Systems with the added benefit of a flared ring. This allows much easier release for...
NRG Gen 2.8 Quick Release Kit
The Gen 2.8 Quick Release utilizes all the features of the Second Generation Systems ball-locking quick release system engineered with raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub...
NRG Gen 2.9 Quick Release Kit - Strike Out Edition
 The Gen 2.9 Quick Release additional appearance contains 3 colored stripes on the upgraded Diamond Cut Black flared ring with either chrome gold, blue or red stripes. This Quick Release...
NRG Gen 3.0 Quick Release Kit
Introducing our new generation 3.0 Quick Release with its new sleek design offers style and functionality that surpasses all previous versions. With the addition of the two larger levers, steering wheel...
NRG Quick Lock Hub
NRG Innovations has developed the Next Generation in anti-theft security for vehicles with aftermarket quick release systems. A perfect compliment to its Quick Release Systems, the NRG Quick Lock Hub...
NRG Quick Tilt Kit
The NRG Quick Tilt Kit is perfect for providing extra room in your cars’ cockpit for maneuvering in and out of your drivers seat. To add an extra layer of security, the NRG Quick Tilt Kit also provides...
NRG Short Hub
NRG Innovation has developed another complement to the quick release steering kits. NRG Short Hubs were designed specially so that an aftermarket steering wheel installed with the quick release kit still...
NRG Thin Version Quick Release Kit
The Thin Version Quick Release Kit is a totally redesigned version of the quick release systems, this quick release kit utilizes a pin and gear locking mechanism for maximum durability, no play, and all...

Steering Wheels

NRG Race Style Steering Wheels
 NRG Race Style Steering Wheels
NRG Steering Wheels
NRG Steering Wheels