Koni Shock Sale

Posted: 04/20/2011

We are having a sale on sets of 4 Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks and Koni STR.T Orange Shocks. To view pricing click on the products below and add the item to your cart. This sale will end in the end of May.

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Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks
The Koni Sport product line is one of our specialities. Koni serves Sporting Drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers. Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks focuses on exceptional road...
Koni STR.T Orange Shocks
The range of Koni STR.T Shocks are totally new and are individually tailored and engineered to give your car that Koni sports feel. Koni STR.T Orange Shocks give your car a feeling of improved handling...