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Megan Racing Blow Off Valve

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Category: Blow Off Valves
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Blow-off valves play a vital role in any turbocharged or supercharged system because they not only improve performance but also increase the longevity of the compressor as well. The primary function of any blow-off valve is to prevent compressor surge by relieving the compressed airflow that reverses direction as the throttle is closed.

The Megan racing blow-off valve relieves the pressurized air that is normally forced backwards into the compressor by venting it to the atmosphere. Engine performance is then increased by a quicker turbo spool up, as the turbine speed is not reduced by the backward flow of exhaust gasses. Due to the backward flow of exhaust gasses being reduced, the compressor blades and bearings will not suffer the impact and heat buildup caused by the surge.

Though many vehicles come with factory blow-off valves, they are often undersized and quickly become overwhelmed as airflow levels are increased. The Megan Racing blow-off valve is capable of over 24psi, so it’s perfect for your daily driver or your track-only race machine. Megan Racing blow-off valves are made of high quality chrome-plated aluminum and are very durable. Because of its universal fitment, some modification may be required for your vehicle and professional installation is recommended. The package comes with brackets, hoses and an adapter
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