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Koyo Cooling:

Oil Coolers

Koyo Oil Coolers
 Koyorad universal fit oil coolers are now available!  For many years in Japan, Koyorad custom oil coolers have proven their effectiveness during competition in D1 Gran Prix and D1 Street Legal...

Radiator Caps

Koyo Hyper Radiator Cap
Extract every ounce of cooling efficiency from Koyorad All Aluminum Performance Radiators with a genuine Koyorad Hyper Cap! This Koyorad Hyper Cap withstands an increased valve pressure rating of 1.3kgf...


Koyo HH Series Radiator
Koyorad’s new 48mm “HH” Series radiator core features an ultra high fin density to maximize heat transfer. Koyo designs and manufactures each radiator with precision; therefore each...
Koyo Hyper V Series Radiator
The Hyper V-Core Series is the newest to the Koyorad All Aluminum Racing Radiator line up. An engine’s cooling system in many newer vehicles are suffering due to limited space and crowding which...
Koyo KH Series Radiator
 Koyo KH Series Radiator
Koyo R Series Radiator
Built with a robust 53mm core, the R-Core Series is engineered for the serious performance tuner. Increased capacity means better cooling reserve when you need it. Intended for both circuit and daily...
Koyo S Series Radiator
S Series radiators incorporate the same technology as Koyo's OE aftermarket replacement product line; Moulded plastic tanks but with a copper core in place of aluminum.  Due to the excellent heat...
Koyo V Series Radiator
Designed for applications where engine configuration/size cause clearances issues for thicker core radiators. In this case, the 36mm V-Core Series will suit your needs. Intended for both circuit and daily...