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by Koni
Category: Shocks / Struts
Product Review: 4.5 Star Rating

KONl Sport Series Yellow shocks/struts are the industry leader for user adjustable damping which help turn your daily driver into a weekend racer. KONl Sport's familiar yellow color means superior motion control and adjustability for the discerning driving enthusiast. They offer external rebound dampening adjustment and are great for stock height or all performance lowering springs. Koni Yellow shocks/struts have a robust construction matching original equipment design standards.

Some sets come as inserts and require modification to the OEM struts for assembly. Here is a basic example or video here.

Part number starting with 8641 are inserts if not listed in the notes.

Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks Features

  • Adjustable rebound with a knob in most applications
  • Significant handling improvement
  • Reasonable ride quality
  • Re-buildable for custom vehicle setups
  • Best KONl shock for all lowering springs
  • Lifetime Warranty

Each kit includes 4 shocks/struts

Don't need to buy a full set and only need one or two? Please contact us with the part numbers you need and we'll get you pricing. 

For more information on this product you may visit the Koni website.


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4 Star Rating Difficult strut installation with OEM springs by Richard Wagner
The struts are shorter than OEM, making installation difficult.

5 Star Rating Best Shocks Around by Jonathan Jovenal
Special thanks to Tuner Sports for shipping these to me from the East Coast to the West Coast in 5 days, just in time to get a car delivered to a customer. These Koni shocks equipped with the Ground Control coilover conversion kit is the first on my list that I recommend to my customers. I always tell them "when you take the best manufacturer of shocks such as Koni, and combine them with the best springs in the industry like Eibach (the springs Ground Control supplies with their coilovers), you will have the best handling, ride quality, and reliability. This setup is way better than buying a "full coilover" from those other brands that do not focus strictly on shocks. Not one of my customers that I installed these for has ever had a complaint. I also install these shocks on my own personal vehicles.

5 Star Rating Perfect for slammed cars by Tony Sands
I purchased these almost a year ago with GC coilovers. The ride is amazing especially if you want the moderate lowered height or even when slammed. Rides just like new with over 10k on them.

5 Star Rating Extremely pleased by Stephen Woods
I've ordered these shocks from tuner sports about 4 months ago, and already drove around 16k miles on them, driving to and from Colorado to Cali often. At first I found the ride was firm, almost too firm for long road trips, but after around 1000 miles with the h&r sport springs things eventually settled. At that point I've noticed very similar ride characteristics to how my golf Gti felt from the factory, except handling was much improved. It feels more balanced and less likely to understeer if pushed hard. Traction also seemed to improve too. Many people recommended Koni sport shocks with h&r sport springs for my needs, and even though I felt a little unsure about the combination at first, I must say I'm extremely pleased and will not hesitate to recommend it to others too.

5 Star Rating Outstanding by Bill
Put these on my typeR with H&R sport springs and it handles amazing! ride quality is fine if you set them to soft or nice and aggressive if turned all the way up. Highly recommend

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