Koni FSD Shock Kit

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by Koni
Category: Shocks / Struts
Product Review: 2 Star Rating

KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) is a premium shock absorber that offers superior handling and control without compromising ride quality. Cars, SUVs and light trucks benefit from KONI’s patented technology. FSD is firm to control large body motions and improved cornering but soft for comfort over expansion joints and rough roads. KONI FSD shocks/struts improves grip and safety and adds comfort and refinement in daily driving.

Key Features:

  • Excellent ride quality on all road surfaces
  • Available for most newer cars
  • Gold metallic finish shocks
  • Less expensive than electronic systems
  • Lifetime Warranty

Each kit includes 4 shocks/struts


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1 Star Rating Failed at 6000 miles by Brett R
They’ve been redesigned but should be class action sued. Bilstein HD replacements for lowered BMW 335xi feel better anyway.

1 Star Rating serious quality control issues by William Y.
I have had this product installed on my vehicle (2009 Mazdaspeed 3) for less than 1 year/5000 miles and I have already had 2 warranty issues. Additionally, the warranty department at Koni is unhelpful at best. Definitely a bad experience so far.

5 Star Rating Koni FSDs on BMW 330Ci by Jeff S.
I did a lot of research on what would give me the best handling while improving the ride comfort of everyday driving. The FSDs didn't disappoint. I kept the stock sport springs on my 330Ci and the stock 18 inch rims. I am so impressed. The handling improved as did the ride comfort. The best of both worlds.

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