Invidia Performance Parts

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Invidia Exhaust:

Down Pipes / Mid Pipes / Up Pipes / Test Pipes

Invidia Down-Pipe
For a strong boost in power, the Invidia Down Pipe offers an alternative to other power-boosting enhancements. To see just how much power the Invidia Down Pipe can produce, a quick look at its dyno chart...
Invidia Test-Pipe / Mid-Pipe / Up-Pipe / X-Pipe
Invidia Test-Pipe / Mid-Pipe / Up-Pipe / X-Pipe. Check the notes in red on each part number for which type of pipe. 

Exhaust Systems

Invidia Full Titanium Exhaust
 Casting Flanges beta 6/4 Titanium Alloy, Awesome strength, High durability. Bended forming, Piping Inside and outside smooth with Good exhaust efficiency, reducing welding failure issues. Use Japan...
Invidia G200 Exhaust
If performance is what you are seeking, the Invidia G200 Exhaust delivers. Each G200 Exhaust features a super-strength titanium tip with an expanded tip size to maximize exhaust air flow. On top of performance...
Invidia Gemini Exhaust
Invidia Gemini Exhaust
Invidia N1 Exhaust
Invidia N1 Exhaust offers a good balance of price and performance. It is constructed of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, has CNC machined flanges and comes with a polished finish. Each exhaust sytem...
Invidia N2 Exhaust
 Invidia N2 Exhaust
Invidia Q300 Exhaust
The Invidia Q300 exhaust is made of mandrel bent SUS304 polished stainless steel piping with CNC machine made flanges which is then robot TIG welded to give a great appearance and provide outstanding...


Invidia Headers
Invidia exhaust headers.