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Inspired and designed from endurance and GT racing in Japan, HKS developed its Hi-Power Exhaust system for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications. HKS has incorporated this new race inspired offset muffler and piping design into many street applications, which offers a greater flow and higher-PRM power gains due to the less restrictive design. This is achieved by eliminating unnecessary bends for the straightest exhaust path.

For turbocharged applications, the large and smooth exhaust flow allows greater exhaust velocity for better mid-range boost response and high-RPM power. Naturally aspirated vehicles also benefit from greater exhaust flow capacity as engine tuning levels increase. Certain applications are available in a Silent Hi-Power version which has an inner silencer built into the muffler. Like Drager Exhaust systems, Hi-Power Exhaust systems are made from SUS304 stainless steel muffler and tip assemblies. Depending on the application, Hi-Power muffler tips are 96mm, 115mm and 120mm in diameter, piping diameter ranges from 55mm to 95mm. Special Edition HKS Carbon Titanium Hi-Power Exhaust systems are exclusively available for certain popular applications. These exclusive versions of the Hi-Power Exhaust consist of a carbon fiber wrapped muffler shell, titanium tip, and polished SUS304 stainless steel piping.

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5 Star Rating HKS Hi-Power Axle-Back Exhaust System for 2009 Honda Fit Sport (GE8) by Matt Eugenio
After doing much research on the various exhaust systems available for the 2009 Honda Fit Sport (GE8), I decided to go with the HKS Hi-Power. Ever since the Hi-Power came out, I've always been a fan of it. It looks good and it definitely sounds great. Being that the exhaust is made by HKS, excellent quality is a given. Installed was a breeze since it's only an axle-back. Being that the GE8 only has a 1.5L inline four, noise levels are pretty low even at WOT. My girlfriend even complimented on it, saying how it sounds nice and subtle. So fellas, if you have a GE8 and want a nice axle-back exhaust that looks good, sounds good, and won't piss off your girlfriend, the HKS Hi-Power is for you.

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