Function & Form Performance Parts

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Function & Form Suspension:


Function & Form Type I Coilovers
The Type One Coil-Over is a full bodied coil-over, with simplicity in mind. We set the dampening characteristics for you, and also chose less aggressive spring rates to match the fixed dampening. But...
Function & Form Type II Coilovers
The Type Two Coil-Over is our flagship full bodied coil-over. More aggressive than the Type One, we aimed to make it the ultimate street inspired coil-over. Our philosphy was a coil-over designer for...
Function & Form Type III Coilovers
 Function and Form Autolife Inc. set out to give our customers an uncompromising coil-over system at new standards never seen before from this Southern California based company. The goal with the...

Lower Control Arms

Function & Form Rear Lower Control Arms
Our rear lower control arms give a perfect balance of Function and Form. If you want to show them off we have the popular polish or signature anodized red finish. But if you want to be discrete we have...

Function & Form Wheels & Tires:

Lug Nuts / Wheel Studs

Function & Form Lug Nuts
Our LUGNUTS are inspired by the bright and bold colors of our lifestyle. From fashion, to fashionable wheels. The small touches express your individuality, and our Function and Form LUGNUTS are here to...