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Fuel Rails

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AEM High Volume Fuel Rails
AEM High Volume fuel rails feature a 1/2-inch fuel bore to support fuel flow for applications up to 1,000 horsepower. This large bore also dampens backpressure pulses created by larger injectors and...
Aeromotive Fuel Rail Kit
Aeromotive High Flow, Billet Fuel Rails combine 3,000 HP flow capabilities with “bolt-on” ease of installation. ORB-08 Ports with compact connections and positive, leak-free sealing....
HKS Complete Fuel Upgrade Kit
 Complete Fuel Upgrade Kit for the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X. Large capacity 800cc injectors, fuel pump and fuel delivery kit.Injector Provides enough fuel volume for&...
HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade Kit
 HKS Fuel Rail Upgrade kits are high-performance fuel delivery units that are designed to properly supply the additional fuel needed for high boost/performance applications. HKS Fuel...
K-Tuned Pro-1000 Turbo Fuel Rail
The K-Tuned PRO1000 Turbo Fuel Rail was designed with the serious Turbo race car in mind. Our Universal Fuel Rail handled 1000+ HP without a problem, but with the power limits of the K motor being pushed...
Perrin Fuel Rails
MITSUBISHI EVOLUTION / DODGE SRT-4Fuel and air. Both are needed for proper combustion and after you have increased the air with more boost, fuel can’t be ignored. PERRIN has now released an easy...
Radium Fuel Pulse Dampers
 Radium Fuel Pulse Dampers
Radium Fuel Rail Kit
Radium Fuel Rail Kit
Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rail
Skunk2’s new cutting-edge composite fuel rails are made using our proprietary carbon impregnated aerospace thermo-polymer composite. This material insulates the fuel from both radiant and conductive...
Skunk2 Ultra Series Race Intake Manifold Fuel Rails
Engineers at Skunk2 Racing have developed primary and secondary fuel rails for the popular Ultra-Series Race intake manifold. Skunk2’s newest fuel rails are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, features...