Drivetrain Accessories

Clutch Masters Hydraulic Bearing
 Clutch Masters Hydraulic Bearing
HKS Transmission Oil Pan
 HKS Transmission Oil Pan for the GR6 NISSAN GT-R R35, utilizes high strength Aluminum casting “honey comb” design, which can improve the rigidity of the transmission...
Private Label Mfg H2B Swap Kit
The Private Label MFG H2B Swap Kit is perfect for drag racing and is designed specifically for converting your H or F series Honda block to run a B-series transmission. The B-series 5spd transmission...
Torque Solution Counter Shift Weight
Torque Solution Counter Shift Weight was designed to rid your Mazdaspeed of that heavy oem counter weight. By reducing the weight by more than 75% this will give your shifter a direct feel. This also...