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aFe Turbo Downpipe
aFe Turbo Downpipe.
Agency Power Down Pipe
Agency Power downpipes are designed to improve your turbo charged vehicles performance. 
Agency Power Mid Pipes / Race Pipes
 Agency Power Mid Pipes / Race Pipes
APEXi GT Downpipe
The Apex Down Pipe is the pipe on turbo vehicles that connects the turbine exhaust housing to the catalytic converter. Although short in length, the Apex downpipes provide incredible amounts of power...
APEXi N1 Downpipe
The Apex Down Pipe is the pipe on turbo vehicles that connects the turbine exhaust housing to the catalytic converter. Although short in length, the Apex downpipes provide incredible amounts of power...
AVO Cross-Over Pipe
AVO Turboworld Cross-Over Pipe
AVO Downpipe
AVO Turboworld Downpipe are 3” stainless steel systems with our specially designed cast iron outlet and a high-performance 5-inch metal catalyzer. The outlet incorporates a splitter to deflect...
AVO UpPipe
The AVO UpPipe incorporates a flex-joint with AVO’s original slip joint design, ensuring a tight fit and relieving stress on other components. This high quality product also comes with mounting...
Blox Racing Test Pipes
BLOX Racing test pipes are constructed out of T304 stainless steel and are great alternatives for the restrictive factory catalytic converter.  Each test pipe is TIG-welded and features thick flanges...
Borla Racing Pipes
Borla Racing Pipes are a clever new performance product that creates power while adding a great new sound to your exhaust system. In testing, customers and racers alike noticed the power increase you...
Corsa Performance Downpipe
 Corsa Performance Downpipe
Corsa Performance X-Pipe
 Corsa Performance X-Pipe
DC Sports Cat-Delete Pipe
 DC Sports Cat-Delete Pipe. Off Road Use Only. 
GrimmSpeed Downpipe
We are extremely proud to introduce our Catless Divorced Downpipe for Subarus. It's safe to say, the years our engineering department spent on this downpipe have paid off. A GrimmSpeed™ Catless...
GrimmSpeed HiFlow Crosspipe
Subaru supplies its turbo owners with a tiny little crosspipe from the factory. 50% of your exhaust gasses are passing through this tiny pipe and, well, that’s just a problem.The GrimmSpeed HiFlow...
GrimmSpeed HiFlow UpPipe
Adding an aftermarket Up Pipe is one of the first things you should do to your Subaru. Arguably one of the best $/HP ratios. Our goal was to make a premium heavy duty Up Pipe for our customers!The entire...
HKS Center Pipe
 Larger diameter of pipes improves exhaust gas flow to muffler. Engine performance will be improved. Durable and good looking with SUS304.
HKS Downpipe
 For maximum exhaust flow and quicker turbo spool up, HKS offers downpipes for racing use. Each mandrel bent down pipe is a bolt-on application that will mount to the stock turbo and/or...
HKS GT Extension Kit
 The HKS GT Extension Kit increases airflow by replacing the restrictive factory O2 Housing with a Stainless Steel free flowing unit. On certain applications, this replacement...
HKS GT570 Package
 The HKS GT570 Racing Package was engineered and designed specifically for the Nissan GTR R35. With four generations of commitment between HKS and the Nissan ...
HKS Up-Pipe
 Complete your exhaust system and free up much needed horsepower on your WRX. HKS Up-Pipes are SUS304 Stainless Steel and bolt on for extreme performance.
Injen SES Downpipe
The Injen Super SES Downpipe is the perfect addition to your turbocharged ride. Let your turbo breath and feel the power gains with Injen’s SES Downpipe. Every Downpipe is made from 304 Stainless...
Invidia Down-Pipe
For a strong boost in power, the Invidia Down Pipe offers an alternative to other power-boosting enhancements. To see just how much power the Invidia Down Pipe can produce, a quick look at its dyno chart...
Invidia Test-Pipe / Mid-Pipe / Up-Pipe / X-Pipe
Invidia Test-Pipe / Mid-Pipe / Up-Pipe / X-Pipe. Check the notes in red on each part number for which type of pipe. 
Kooks Connection Pipes
 Kooks Connection Pipes
Kooks H Pipe
 Kooks H Pipe
Kooks X Pipe
 Kooks X Pipe
Kooks Y Pipe
 Kooks Y Pipe
MagnaFlow Exhaust Pipes
 MagnaFlow Exhaust Pipes
Manzo Downpipes
 Manzo Downpipes. Please read the notes in red on each part number for description. 
Manzo Test Pipes
 Manzo Test Pipes. Please read the notes in red on each part number for description. 
Megan Racing Downpipe
 Megan Racing Stainless Steel Downpipes are made of the same High-Quality T-304 that is featured in our Headers and Turbo Manifolds for extreme durability and resistance to corrosion and cracking...
Megan Racing Test Pipe
Megan Racing Test Pipes offer the ultimate in high-flow performance. Offering substantial horsepower gains in the higher-end of the power band, the Megan Racing Test-Pipes are made of Stainless Steel...
Perrin Up Pipe
PERRIN has been known since inception for the quality of their up-pipe. After all it was the first part PERRIN ever released and has been a leader in this market ever since. PERRIN has always used the...
Private Label Mfg Test Pipes
Click and view each partnumber for specific description.
Skunk2 Racing Test Pipe
Skunk2 test pipes are designed to dramatically improve engine performance and increase horsepower by significantly reducing exhaust flow restriction. Made from mandrel-bent aircraft quality 304...
Tanabe Turbine Tube Downpipe
The Tanabe Turbine Tube, also known as the Tanabe Downpipe, extracts the most power from turbocharged vehicle applications. Turbo efficiency, power and response is greatly improved. Each downpipe has...
Thermal R&D Downpipe
 Thermal R&D Downpipe