Bosch Performance Parts

Bosch Batteries, Starting & Charging:


Bosch Alternators

Bosch Cooling:

Water Pumps

Bosch Water Pumps
This water pump is 100% new and designed to meet exact original equipment specifications. All water pumps are also 100% tested to ensure proper functionality.The torque testing is performed to verify...

Bosch Engine Components:

Throttle Bodies

Bosch Throttle Bodies
OE Throttle Body Assemblies. The throttle body is an essential part of the inlet air stream of the modern gasoline engine. In combination with the electronic throttle control system, the throttle body...

Bosch Fuel Delivery:

Fuel Injectors - Diesel

Bosch Injection Valves

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Pumps

Bosch Fuel Pumps

Bosch Ignition:

Glow Plugs & Controllers

Bosch Glow Plugs

Ignition Coils

Bosch Ignition Coils/Components
Benefits of Bosch original equipment quality ignitions coils include the right ignition voltage, long lasting spark, better engine running conditions, lower fuel consumption, and reduced exhaust emissions...


Bosch Sensors

Spark Plugs

Bosch Spark Plugs


Bosch Starters

Bosch Programmers & Chips:

Oxygen Sensors

Bosch Oxygen Sensors

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