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BLOX Racing adjustable cam gears allow users to adjust the engine’s camshaft timing to fine tune and maximize horsepower and torque.

These adjustable cam gears are manufactured using high quality billet AL6061 and CNC-machined to precise tolerances and are ideal for tuners wanting to optimize the engine’s RPM powerband.
The precision machined and hard anodized cam gear teeth ensure maximum durability, reliability and minimize premature wear. The laser-etched timing marks are clearly visible and aid the tuner to properly advance or retard the camshaft timing.
These ultra lightweight cam gears minimize rotating assembly weight and help increase the engine’s overall responsiveness.
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Part Number



Acura All
1990-2001 Acura

Adjustable Cam Gears for B-series DOHC / H-series DOHC (H23 NON VTEC)

1988-2000 Honda

Adjustable Cam Gears for B-series DOHC / H-series DOHC (H23 NON VTEC)

Mitsubishi Lancer
2003-2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Adjustable Cam Gear for 2003-2005 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

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