Blackworks BWR Performance Parts

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Blackworks BWR Cooling:

Radiator Hoses

Blackworks BWR Radiator Hose Kit
When upgrading your engines performance and horsepower, it is essential to upgrade your cooling system as well. The BWR Silicone Radiator Hose Kits are hand crafted to ensure the highest quality. With...

Radiator Mounts

Blackworks BWR Radiator Stay
Upgrade your stock radiator stay and let it all stand out with the Blackworks Radiator Stay. Made from quality aluminum and made here in the USA! There are many colors to choose from.

Blackworks BWR Electronics:


Blackworks BWR Water Temperature Sensor Adapter
The Blackworks Water Temperature sensor adapters are made from high quality aircraft alloy material. Designed and engineered with the most cutting edge manufacturing technology. Our adapters are built...

Blackworks BWR Engine:

Engine Accessories

Blackworks BWR Battery Tie Down
These BlackWorks Battery Tie Downs are CAD designed constructed of high quality 6061 CNC Machined Billet aluminum.They are anodized to give an amazing look that will last for years. The BWR Battery Tie...
Blackworks BWR Billet Wire Cover
The Blackworks Racing Billet Series Wire Cover helps put the finishing look to your B-Series build. Our Wire covers are Precision CNC Machined from High-Quality Billet Aluminum. Each Wire Cover...
Blackworks BWR Clear ECU Cover
 Blackworks clear ECU cover.
Blackworks BWR EGR Block Off Plate
The Blackworks Racing EGR Block Off Plate is Made from High Quality Billet Aluminum, CNC Machined to perfection. This block off plate allows a seal the EGR Plate in your...
Blackworks BWR Oil Cap
Blackworks Racing Oil Caps are made from Quality billet aluminum and CNC-Machined to perfection. There are many anodized colors available and more to come.
Blackworks BWR VTEC Solenoid Cover
The Blackworks Racing VTEC Solenoid Covers are made from high quality 6061-T6 Billet Alluminum and anodized to perfection.Fitment: Small  - fits Honda/Acura B/H/D Series Engines 92-00...
Blackworks BWR Washer Bolt Kit
Blackworks Racing Washer Bolt Kits are made from Quality billet aluminum, All are laser-etched BWR logo and anodized to perfection.

Gaskets / Head Gaskets / Seals

Blackworks BWR Cam Seal
The Blackworks Racing Cam Seals are constructed of high quality billet 6061-T6 alluminum CNC machined to perfection. Upgrading to the Blackworks cam seal is a ideal choice VS factory plastic seals with...

Blackworks BWR Exhaust:

Down Pipes / Mid Pipes / Up Pipes / Test Pipes

Blackworks BWR Downpipe
Blackworks Downpipes are Made from high quality Stainless steel, and Precision TIG Welded for quality. Our Downpipes are made from 3” OD mandrel bent tubing to support your high...

Blackworks BWR Exterior:

Exterior Accessories

Blackworks BWR Billet Hood Risers
Blackworks Racing Hood Risers are made from High Quality Billet Aluminum. These help release hot air from the engine bay as well they are Ideal for Engine Swaps to avoid rubbing of the underside of the...
Blackworks BWR Quick Release Fasteners
Blackworks Racing Quick Release Fasteners are made from High Quality Aircraft Aluminum, precision machined in the USA. These are ideal Fasteners for Front Bumpers, Trunks, Hatch Lids that need to...

Tow Hooks

Blackworks BWR Tow Hooks
Blackworks Racing Billet Rear Tow Hooks are designed using the latest and state of the art CAD design programs in the industry. Our Tow hooks are manufactured in the USA and made from high quality AL6061...

Blackworks BWR Suspension:

Alignment / Camber Kits

Blackworks BWR Competition Series Rear Camber Kit
Blackworks Racing is proud to release our all new Competition Series Rear Camber Kit. Our Competition Series Rear camber kit is made from High Quality Alloy Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum. Each Camber Kit...
Blackworks BWR Front Camber Kit
BlackWorks Racing (BWR) front adjustable camber kits replace the vehicle's factory upper control arms. These BMR front camber kits allows you fine tune your front suspension's camber settings...
Blackworks BWR Rear Camber Kit
BlackWorks Racing rear adjustable camber kits are manufactured from forged AL7075. Each of their rear camber kits use vulcanized rubber bushings. BlackWorks Racing rear camber kits are laser etched, and...
Blackworks BWR Rear Toe Kit
 Blackworks Racing BWR Rear Toe Kit. This is not a camber kit and not used to adjust rear camber, only rear toe. Please see the Blackworks rear camber kit for rear camber adjustment.

Lower Control Arms

Blackworks BWR Rear Lower Control Arms
Blackworks BWR Rear Lower Control Arms are made of high quality Billet T6 and are CAD designed and machined in the USA. With our in house engineers and CNC machines running constantly using the newest...

Strut Bars

Blackworks BWR 3 Point Front Strut Bar
Blackworks 3 Point Strut Bars are made from High Quality T6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Their brackets are designed using the most state of the art CAD software in the industry to ensure quality....
Blackworks BWR Rear Strut Bar
Blackworks Strut Bars are made from High Quality T6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Their brackets are designed using the most state of the art CAD software in the industry to ensure quality. These are individually...
Blackworks BWR Rear Subframe Brace
Blackworks Racing Billet Rear Sub Frame Braces are designed using the latest and state of the art CAD design programs in the industry. Their Rear Sub Frame Brace are manufactured in the USA...
Blackworks BWR Rear Tie Bar
The Blackworks Racing Billet Rear Tie Bar is CAD designed and are machined from precision high quality Aircraft quality 6061 T6 billet aluminum. The Blackworks Tie Bar helps to eliminate subframe flex...

Suspension Accessories

Blackworks BWR Subframe Bolt & Spacer Kit
The Blackworks Racing subframe brace lower contral arm (LCA) bolt & spacer provides clearances for the installation of an aftermarket rear lower tie bar.

Suspension Arms

Blackworks BWR Roll Center Adjusters
Blackworks Racing Roll Center Adjusters are extended Ball Joints that connect to the front lower control arm. The roll center adjuster is an essential part of any tuned suspension on a street or track...

Traction Bars

Blackworks BWR Traction Bar Kit
Blackworks Traction Bar Features: CNC Machined by AL6061-T6 aluminum radius rods Chromoly Rod Ends CNC Machined misaligned spacers are pressed in the rod ends for ease of installation All...

Blackworks BWR Wheels & Tires:

Lug Nuts / Wheel Studs

Blackworks BWR Extended Wheel Studs
BlackWorks Racing (BWR) heated-treated 8740 chrome moly wheel studs, are tensile strength of 190,000 psi and are able to easily handle extreme loads and lateral forces found in road/drag racing. BlackWorks...
Blackworks BWR Lug Nuts
BlackWorks 2" extended open end forged AL7075 magnesium alloy lug nuts are for serious racers, and or your extreme weekend enthusiasts. These are available in 12x1.5 and 12x1.25 thread pitch pattern...