AVO Performance Parts

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AVO Cooling:

Radiator Fans / Shrouds

AVO Radiator Shroud
AVO Turboworld Radiator Shrouds improve the efficiency of your radiator, sealing the gap at the top. This forces air through the radiator instead of allowing it to just flow out over the top. Available...

AVO Drivetrain:

Short Shifters

AVO Short Shifter
Fitting our adjustable short-throw gearshift lever reduces the distance required to shift gears from one ratio to the other. Changing gears is a more natural ‘flick of the wrist’, and gear...

AVO Electronics:


AVO EcuTEK ProECU Programming Kit
The ProECU Programming Kit can be used by car enthusiasts and owner clubs to both diagnose and program a wide variety of vehicles. ProECU Programming Kits can be purchased from any EcuTEK Master Tuner...
AVO Gauge Pod
The AVO gauge pod is designed to sit on the driver side-pillar, and will hold any 52mm or 60mm gauge meter. The pod has been color matched to the dashboard color.
AVO Throttle Controller
The AVO DBW Throttle Controller allows you to re-map your throttle inputs to the throttle body controller, giving you full control over it’s behaviour. You may have noticed with your DBW car that...

AVO Engine:

Oil Catch Cans

AVO Oil Catch Tank
Solve your blow-by problems by equipping your vehicle with a good looking polished aluminium AVO Turboworld Oil Catch / Breather Tank. AVO’s oil breather system prevents oil from re-entering the...

AVO Exhaust:

Down Pipes / Mid Pipes / Up Pipes / Test Pipes

AVO Cross-Over Pipe
AVO Turboworld Cross-Over Pipe
AVO Downpipe
AVO Turboworld Downpipe are 3” stainless steel systems with our specially designed cast iron outlet and a high-performance 5-inch metal catalyzer. The outlet incorporates a splitter to deflect wastegate...
AVO UpPipe
The AVO UpPipe incorporates a flex-joint with AVO’s original slip joint design, ensuring a tight fit and relieving stress on other components. This high quality product also comes with mounting...

Exhaust Systems

AVO Cat Back Exhaust
AVO Turboworld Exhausts are constructed from the highest quality TIG-welded stainless steel. We take a lot of care to make our mufflers by hand, using stainless steel flanges as well to ensure longevity...

AVO Exterior:


AVO Front Grill
AVO sports grill for the Legacy. Direct bolt-on and a perfect fit. Constructed of thick fiberglass with a black gel-coat ready for painting, and with a steel mesh at the back.


AVO Rear Under Spoiler
AVO's rear underspoiler for the 08+ STI 5-door Hatch is constructed from heavy duty, impact resistant layered fiberglass. The Carbon Fiber version is even stronger! It comes with all the brackets and...

AVO Forced Induction:

Blow Off Valves

AVO Blow Off Valve
Blow-off Valves are essential to reliable performance from turbocharged engines. As you build air pressure in your system (boost), it can suddenly find itself with nowhere to go when you let off the throttle...


AVO Front Mount Intercooler
When a TMIC is not enough, step up to AVO’s line of Front Mounted Intercoolers. With huge cast endtanks, deep bar and plate cores and efficiency engineered in, they are the answer to your big power...
AVO Top Mount Intercooler
Efficient intercooling is another important part of AVO Turboworld’s power philosophy, by making the maximum amount of power at the lowest possible turbo boost pressure. Reducing the temperature...

Turbo Accessories

AVO Silicone MAF Turbo Inlet
The AVO Turboworld Silicone MAF Turbo Inlet fits between the stock airbox and the turbo inlet pipe. Remove the old “accordion” style hose and replacing it with our design has shown an improvement...

AVO Intake:

Air Filters

AVO Flat Panel Air Filter
For more flow, step up to the AVO Power Air systems with a filter that features the same dry-film design as our panel filters. They are easy to maintain, last a long time, and with the air flow necessary...

Air Intakes

AVO Cold-Air Box
AVO cold-air boxes help isolate your AVO power air system from the heat of the engine bay. They have been designed to work with the stock cold-air snorkal if it trimmed slightly. These air boxes do not...
AVO Power Air System
For maximum air flow demands, the AVO’s Power Air system is an easy to fit bolt-on item that helps the engine breath deeper. It has been specifically designed to accept the stock MAF sensor for...
AVO Silicone Intake System
Silicone Inlet Pipes provide better flow and excellent durability compared to stock. Even on stock turbochargers the increase in air flow is welcome, and on large turbochargers they are practically necessary...


AVO Silicone Throttle Body Hose
AVO Turboworld Silicone Throttle Body Hose

AVO Suspension:


AVO Bushings
The stock bushings on current Subaru models are one of the weakest points of their suspension design. The OEM bushing was designed primarily for comfort and is very soft. It’s known to fail prematurely...

Strut Bars

AVO Underbody Brace
Tubuler steel underbody suspension braces reduces body flex and suspension movement. Performance and confidence is improved in corners with our new and very rigid braces for the front lower arms. Light...

Suspension Arms

AVO Endlinks
AVO Turboworld Adjustable Stabilizer End Links reduce the amount of free play before your stabilizer bars start acting, reducing roll in corners and squat and dive under acceleration and braking. ...

Sway Bars

AVO Stabilizer Bars
AVO Turboworld Stabilizer Bars are designed to bolt into the stock factory brackets, and were set up for a good balance of street and track driving. This stabilizer bar includes polyurethane bushings...