Agency Power Performance Parts

Agency Power Air Filters:

Air Filters - Direct Fit

Agency Power Air Filter

Agency Power Air Intake Systems:

Cold Air Intakes

Agency Power Cold Air Intakes
The Agency Power cold air intake has been engineered from the ground up to be a direct replacement for the factory Polaris RZR RS1 intake. Starting from 3D printed components and real world desert testing...

Short Ram Air Intakes

Agency Power Short Ram Intake
The Ford Focus RS intake system is very well engineered. All the factory plastic tubes have well developed air flow paths. However, there can be improvement directly at the air filter and its connecting...

Silicone Couplers & Hoses

Agency Power Silicone Boost Hoses
Agency Power Silicone Couplers
The Agency Power 3 inch offset turbo inlet coupler is designed to work with an upgraded turbo with a 3 inch inlet. Made of silicone, the Agency Power couplers will resist heat and keep its structural...

Agency Power Brakes, Rotors & Pads:

Big Brake Kits

Agency Power Big Brake Kit

Brake Line Kits

Agency Power Brake Lines

Brake Rotors - 2 Piece

Agency Power Rotor Upgrade

Agency Power Cooling:

Radiator Hoses

Agency Power Radiator Hoses
Add more style to your engine bay with this 14 piece silicone radiator hose kit for the Nissan GT-R R35. The 5ply silicone radiator hoses replace your factory black rubber components. Not only do these...

Agency Power Drivetrain:

Clutch Lines

Agency Power Clutch Lines
Agency Power steel braided clutch line is now available for your vehicle. The lines are made to work for either car and include necessary hardware for a easy fitment. Steel braided line gives your clutch...


Agency Power Short Shifters
Improve the shifting of your Ford Focus with the Agency Power Short Throw Shifter Bracket. Reduce your gear changes up to 30 percent over the factory ST and RS shifter. This bracket has 2-way adjustability...

Agency Power Engine Components:

Engine Covers

Agency Power Engine Covers
Agency Power's Intercooler Duct Cover for the Can-Am Maverick X3 is a product that all X3 owners will want to be equipped with! This simple design change can greatly benefit your UTV's performance and...

Engine Mounts

Agency Power Billet Motor Mounts
Upgrading the motor mounts on your Polaris RZR 1000 is a great way to improve performance and power delivery. The stock motor mounts are a cast piece which has a rubber insert that can move a lot under...

Pulleys - Crank, Underdrive

Agency Power Pulleys
The Nissan GT-R's VR38DETT is a great platform for adding horsepower. Agency Power has had great success with Nissan performance parts and has developed yet another product to increase the performance...

Agency Power Exhaust, Mufflers & Tips:

Axle Back

Agency Power Axle Back Exhausts
The Polaris RZR Turbo needs an exhaust system to help the turbocharger flow freely and improve performance. Agency Power has created the best exhaust system that is a simple plug and play for the RZR...

Catalytic Converter Direct Fit

Agency Power Cat Pipes
The Agency Power race pipe is a great way to improve the performance and sound on your Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo. The factory catalytic converter is located between the turbo charger and exhaust muffler...


Agency Power Catback Exhausts

Connecting Pipes

Agency Power Uppipes
There is no other company that makes high quality, power producing, and purposeful products like Agency Power. With an amazing exhaust system, it only makes sense for Agency Power to offer their all new...

Headers & Manifolds

Agency Power Headers
There are plenty of way to open up additional power for your Scion FRS. One way to do this is by adding a high quality header to your car. No other company manufacturers high quality, power producing,...


Agency Power Mufflers
The need for power, quality, and style has once again been executed by Agency Power with their brand new catback exhaust system for the Subaru WRX and STI. This new stainless steel exhaust system features...

Agency Power Exterior Styling:


Agency Power Antennas
Nobody likes a big ugly rubber antenna. Agency Power billet aluminum shorty antenna is available for your car, truck, or SUV. These CNC machined 6061 aluminum antennas fit in the place of your stock unit...


Agency Power Hoods
The Agency Power Billet Aluminum Hood Release Latch adds a solid and stylish piece to the engine bay of your Ford Focus MK3. A quick and easy part to install, the new latch replaces the bright and out...

Other Body Components

Agency Power Other Body Components

Agency Power Fabrication:


Agency Power Fittings
Agency Power has released turbo related fittings to help customers get the proper fitments they need for their turbo setup. All fittings are universal applications to work with various turbos. Each is...

Agency Power Forced Induction:

Blow Off Valves

Agency Power Blow Off Valves

Boost Controllers

Agency Power Boost Controllers
Agency Power brand new Manual Boost Controller is now available for your turbocharged vehicle. Designed with performance, fitment, and style in mind, the AP MBC will give your turbo vehicle some much...

Forced Induction Components

Agency Power Turbo Inlets
The Agency Power Silicone Turbo Inlet Charge Tube is a great upgrade for your Polaris RZR Turbo. The new silicone tube replaces the factory plastic unit that connects to the compressor side of your turbocharger...

Intercooler Kits

Agency Power Intercooler Kits

Turbo Upgrade Components

Agency Power Turbo Upgrades

Agency Power Gauges & Pods:

Gauge Pods

Agency Power Gauge Pods
When modifying your Can-Am Maverick X3 with high performance parts, it is helpful to monitor your vehicles vital signs with a set of gauges. Unlike a standard vehicle, a-pillar pods are not an option...

Agency Power Interior Accessories:

Shift Knobs

Agency Power Shift Knobs
Dress up the interior of your Ford Focus with an Agency Power billet aluminum shift knob. The 6 speed manual transmission shift knob is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum on our lathes right here in the...

Agency Power Lights:

Light Mounts

Agency Power Bumper Light Bar Bracket

Agency Power Safety:

Harness Bars

Agency Power Harness Bars
As one of the hottest new vehicles to hit the tuner market, the varied versions of the Scion FRS, are sure to be tracked. Along with its other specific parts for these cars, Agency Power now has this...

Agency Power Suspension:

Bushing Kits

Agency Power Suspension Links
Getting your Polaris RZR suspension dialed in to handle the track, the dunes, or the bumps is a unique art that requires the right kind of products. Agency Power has been engineering and manufacturing...

Chassis Bracing

Agency Power Chassis Bracing

Control Arms

Agency Power Radius Rods
Being able to dial in your Polaris RZR camber and toe settings will be a huge help in how your vehicle handles. Even more important is to have a strong enough component that can handle the abuse the RZR...

Agency Power Uncategorized:


Agency Power Uncategorized
The new Agency Power billet aluminum wastegate is the perfect upgrade for your Can-Am X3 turbocharger. The new wastegate features a 1bar spring housed in an 85mm body. This design allows you to easily...

Agency Power Wheel and Tire Accessories:

Lug Nuts

Agency Power Lug Nuts
Agency Power's closed end lugs nuts are designed for those seeking to add the finishing touches to their vehicle. The high quality lug nut set is a great addition to any vehicle for added style. The thin...